Monday, December 7, 2009

God is Amazing

Had a really great Thanksgiving with family/friends. My nephew, Janson (he is 23), stayed the weekend with us. We did our yearly midnight shopping at the Outlet Mall and then hit Kohls. I was so worn out. But I had Russ and Janson carrying all the bags. It took me all weekend and then some to get caught up on my sleep.

My friend Dee Dee, her husband Adam and daughter Eden just came back from Czech. The cycle did not work for them. She was on a high dosage of fertility injections and responded very slow. They were able to retrieve 2 eggs. 1 egg didn't mature and the other egg grew too slow. I felt so bad for them. She called me several times while they were there. I prayed with her and told her that God is in control. He didn't say Never, just not right now. The doctors have given her hope and they plan to go back next year. They are home now and resting up, she said that it's starting to hit her. She needs to be able to be still and be silent and to listen to God. They are taking their time and praising God.

God seizes to amaze me!!
We met some new friends that are interested in going over to the Czech Republic in January. An Elder's wife sent them our way. They go to our church, but his parent's go to my inlaws church. They actually prayed for us last year. God has brought us together! Had dinner with them and was able to share our testimony and journey. God is really good and We've met really great people during this journey.

I've been tasked to come up with names and addresses for my shower. How fun!! It's a tough job, but I will get it done. We bought baby furniture for her room this past weekend. Russ has such great taste! It will be delivered this Friday :) I would like to paint her room green, steam the carpet and then put the furniture together. This is starting to become real!
I have 4 more months!! Can you believe it??

My next perinatal appointment is Thursday. We get to see our baby girl, it's been 6 wks since the last ultra sound. She should be about a pound and the size of a large Mango :) How sweet!
She love's to kick and dance. She tells me when she is hungry, already starting to be bossy! haa.. Watch out Russ :)

More to come...