Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blood Pressure Hike

My OB app didn't go as well as we had hoped. I've been seeing spots and my fingers have been numb. My blood pressure was elevated to 136/96!! YIKES. So Schilling ordered blood work which will test my platelets and would let them know what is going on.
I was told to come back 1/20 (the day after my bday) to get the results, etc...
Wednesday blood pressure was 136/86 (a little better) blood work results came back normal, no protein in urine.. thank goodness. Schilling decided to put me on house arrest until Friday. He wanted me to relax and see if my blood pressure would get back down to normal. He told me that due to my auto immune disease that he was very shocked that I've been doing so well..up until now. I have an 80% chance to get Toxemia. If the blood pressure does not go down, then he mentioned maybe taking Lilly at 32 wks. HOLY COW!! That is 3 wks from now.
I told my work and thanks to my wonderful co-workers.. they put together an amazing shower for me. Russ drove me to work Friday for the shower and then off to my dr app with the specialist. Everyone at work came together and we were well taken care of. Our stroller/car seat combo was there all put together, diapers, tub, clothes, gift cards, essentials to get us through the 1st month or so, etc... It was amazing. Here are a few pictures :)
Pretty Diaper Cake
Me eating the yummy food
Our Stoller and Car Seat Combo
All the great presents
After the shower, off to my app. We had to wait around a bit, they were very busy. Went back and left a urine sample.. and might I add... I can't stand when women go before you and leave their sample right in the middle of the tray. There is no room for you to leave your cup. So I decided to move the cup over and the door slammed on my arm.. and there it all went. Thank goodness it was mine and I didn't spill it all :) haaa.. I had to hurry up and clean up the mess. Yuck! Blood pressure machine here I come... 155/96!! WHAT? How in the world. The ultra sound tech told me to go lay down, let's look at your baby girl and that will help relax you. Lilly has to do a bio-physical every week now. They want to make sure she is growing and maturing like she needs to. Tested her muscle mass, her practice breathing (saw it go up and down) and a few other things. She passed with flying colors.. A ++ Go Lilly!! She will be an A student ;)
After the ultra sound and getting amazing pictures (saw her chubby cheeks) the nurse brought the blood pressure machine to me and did it on my right arm. 144/84. A little better, but still elevated. Yeagley wasn't too worried about the blood pressure because I didn't have protein in my urine. She suggested that I work from home or work part time. My work doesn't give us the option to do that.. or might I add.. MY BOSS! So that was out of the question.
She said she wanted me to work 1 wk at a time and come back Friday to see where I'm at. If it's still bad, then I'm done. Home/bed rest here I come. We are praying that Lilly can remain in her warm home for awhile and I won't have to deliver early. God is in control and has been in control the whole time.
Russ bought me a prenatal massage from Schilling Medical Spa. Might I add.. AMAZING!! It was perfect and I was so relaxed. I could do this every week :) haaa
Please keep us in your prayers, we know God is in control
More to come...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now entering the 3rd trimester :)

I'm now in my 3rd trimester. I never imagined I could say that :) My prenatal app are weekly and my obgyn app are bi-weekly. Count down begins!

I passed my 27 wk glucose test! Thank you Lord! My levels were 125 and you need to be under 150. I was happy to hear those words. The past couple of days I felt like I've been kicked in my stomach. I'm so sore and it's hard to move around. I woke myself up groaning when I was turning over in bed. The pain has moved to my inner thighs. I looked up what it could be.
Googled Pelvic Pain during pregnancy. This is what I found.. and might I add.. there is really nothing to fix it :(
"Symphysis pubic dysfuntion" or SPD. Relaxation of the ligaments that normally keep the two side of the pelvic bone tightly bound together at the joint in the pubic area. It causes a world of hurt getting out of the car, turning in bed or sitting too long. It will become sore to the touch and travels down to the inner thighs. You can use a pelvic support belt (my friend is letting me borrow) and if the pain gets too bad then your Dr can prescribe pain relievers.
Sometimes its hard to walk :)
Not complaining here because I've had one amazing pregnancy. God's been in control the whole time. But I really could do without the servere pain. It's hard to move around, which is not good. I am Thankful and will keep that in mind :)

I go to the obgyn on the 18th for a normal check up and will discuss the pain I've been having. Maybe he can suggest something that will ease the discomfort.

More to come...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Girl is getting so big!

We had a great dr appt today. My blood pressure was great! Lilly's heart beat was 145 and she weighs 2.8 pounds! I can't believe how big she is. Dr Yeagley said she was above average, which mean excellent. And the Best News!! My placenta Previa moved!! She can see the whole cervix! I was thanking God all the way home. We got some amazing pictures. She is such the little poser :) Her nose is so sweet and her hands are near her face :)
Here are a few pictures
Hands near face
27 wk profile
Re-verifying that It's A Girl!
I go back on January 22 and will start going weekly. We have 12 more weeks! Dr Yeagley said that I need to eat a great meal or a big snack before each appt. They will be watching her movements and making sure she responds normal. They have to rate her an 8 or above. If she doesn't move like she should, then they will send me to the hospital to get a more detailed ultrasounds. They have to do this because of my auto immune disease. Dr Yeagley said the disease causes slow birth growth and high blood pressure. She was very pleased with the outcome. Said I was doing great and she is above average. Happy words!!
Tomorrow I have to do another Glucose Test! I did one in the 1st trimester (passed) and now another one in the 2nd/3rd trimester! I am not looking forward to it. It makes me sick and gives me the biggest headache. Please pray that I pass this 1 hour test!
God surely has blessed Russ and me! He is an awesome God!
More to come...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Update!

It's been awhile and I apologize. We had computer issues since 12/19, had to get our computer sent out for repair. Do you know how hard it was to not have access to your computer? But we finally have it back and it's working better than ever :)

My last perinatologist apointment went well. My blood pressure was up a little, but Dr Yeagley was not worried about it. She told me it was because of my long haul to get here. Lilly weighs 1.5 pounds and is so active. She kicks and dances all the time. It's good to feel her move. I watch my belly at night and I can see my belly jump. Russ was able to feel her, finally. He thought it would be harder because of my reaction sometimes. But I laughed and told him to press down and concentrate. She kicked for her daddy and Russ just smiled. It makes it real to know that there is life growing inside of me :)
I went to my OBGYN on the 21st. Heard her heart tone, they measured my belly and took my blood pressure, which went back down to normal. Thank you Lord! When I go back it will be every 2 wks now.

Christmas was great, although I was really sick. Had a very bad cold that led to a sinus infection and laryngitis. We spent the last year by ourselves and started dreaming about what Christmas will be like from years to come. Lilly will be 9 months next year. It will be very special! We get to send out Christmas Cards of her and will add Annie and Lucy in there too. Can't leave them out. Haa! It was a relaxing time, but always goes by too fast.

I can't believe its already 2010!! I go to the perinatologist tomorrow. They will look and see if my placenta moved any, hoping it has. From there they will decide if I have to come weekly. I have 12 more weeks, so it won't be too bad.

We have our baby furniture. Let me tell you!! NO ONE warned us that we have to put together every single piece. I mean every piece. Build the drawers, the sides, etc... you name it. It's been a challenge for sure. But we are almost done and Russ has done an awesome job. We have the convertible crib, changer/dresser and the chest. It's very pretty, coffee color.
We are doing her room in lady bugs. Found really cute bedding that is pink/green/and lady bugs. I asked my dad to build her a toy box. Mom said that he's been brain storming and is almost done. He loves to do things like that. He will paint it red with black dots, will look like a little lady bug. It will be special :)
We still need to pick out the paint color, we both like green. My friend said she will draw and paint on the walls for me. It's a project I would like to get done this month! We can do it.

I will write more tomorrow after my appointment.
More to come...