Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lillyan is 1 Year's Old Today

Our baby girl is 1 today! Looking back at the journey to get here and am amazed with God's miracle.
I wanted to wake her up before I went to work this morning just to say "Happy Birthday", but it was early and I knew she wouldn't go back to sleep :)
I had to wait.. I went and got some pink cupcakes for her. After dinner we put her in the highchair and placed a cupcake in front of her.. lit a candle and sang. She just smiled.
It was her first cake.. she loved it. Hands all in it and it was all over her face and hair. She ate and ate. Had to give her a bath afterwards... Haaa!!

Will have to post pics soon :)
More to come....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost 1 Years Old

I still can't believe that my baby girl is almost 1 yrs old. It just seems like yesterday that we've been praying and wondering if God will ever bless us with our little miracle.

Let's see.. what has happened since my last blog?
Our computer crashed.. which means we lost a lot of pictures.. It's so heart breaking and we are trying to get the pictures off the old computer.. hard drive is gone.. fried... toasted.
Lilly has 4 teeth now and 2 more poking through :) She looks so cute!!
She pulls up and walks around holding on something or pushing something around. She has not yet to trust herself.
Her first word Uh-Oh...Love it!!! :)

Now the big doozy... Lilly has her 1st Major Virus.. :( No fun I might add.
We took her to the park Saturday to play, she loves to swing. The weather was beautiful and we thought "let's have a family day" She played and played and almost fell asleep on the swings. She wore herself out and took a great nap
Sunday, played like normal and ate a little less , but that's been typical with her teething.
Monday, I heard her cough around 5 am and I didn't think anything of it. I just thought she was coughing. Dry throat or something. So I fell back asleep and woke up normal time to get ready for work. Went in Lilly's room to discover her hair plastered to her head. I thought she had snot on her hair and I turned the light on. Looked in her crib and she was covered from head to toe. And.. the color was ORANGE!! ewww.. I thought.. Oh goodness.. she was getting me back because I forced her to eat a few bits of carrots for dinner. Swooped her up and put her in the tub to get her clean. Poor Russ, he was half asleep and had to strip the bed and treat all the bedding so it wouldn't stain. She felt awful, warm and so limp. I just thought it was the typical stomach bug. Well it wasn't.. she slept all day long. No wet diaper.. at all. Kept throwing up and here came the diarrhea. We ran to the After hours clinic and they said its just the typical flu. Fast forward two days.. Wednesday. Still lethargic and no movement.. not much pee. No eating, nothing. Her fever did go away.. thank goodness. Went to the Dr that morning and they gave her something to calm her stomach. Well that didn't help and they sent us to the ER.
That was awful.. bad experience. She was so dehydrated and they tried giving her an IV, but couldn't find the veins. 5 pricks I might add. Poor baby cried and cried and it took all that I had to hold back my tears. They gave up and gave her something for her stomach and she drank and drank and held it down. Went to the Dr the next morning and they were able to get a stool sample. Came back with Blood in it.. and soon discovered it wasn't some normal virus.. it was ROTA VIRUS. Oh my word. Excuse Me.. what is that?
Yeah, I was upset and mad at all these parents who "let" their kids "wipe" their own bottom after they go #2. And Not wash their hands.. Yup.. that's where it comes from. Lilly does not go to a Daycare, which is common there. You can pick it up anywhere though. So the Park.. Yup.. The Park! Good grief, poor girl. I don't understand why it had to attack her?? She's been sleeping 24/7 and we have to wake her up to drink and force food in her mouth. And to top it all off.. she has an ear infection. I think Lilly's had enough.. and I know Mommy and Daddy have. She is very clingy and I don't blame her. I would be too. Her 1 yr Birthday is on the 24th.. :( her Birthday party is scheduled for the 26th.. which we might have to post pone.
I just pray and hope Lilly will get past this quick. It can last up to 14 days.

So.. pictures?? We are working on saving what we can.. will post soon.
We have a new computer.. MacBook Pro.. AMAZING..

More to come.. can't wait to celebrate my babies 1 year Birthday.. :)