Sunday, November 22, 2009

20 wks

I had my normal OBGYN app Friday. Blood pressure was great, 122/72. She wouldn't stop kicking, so it took Schilling a little bit to get her heart beat. She is a very active girl!! That's a good thing and I enjoy feeling her move. I was supposed to do a 5k walk Saturday for a friend who has cancer, but was told NO because of the Placenta Previa. Smart move!

We registered yesterday. Russ enjoyed holding the gun and scanning. I'm sure there are some things on there that he "had" to have. Haaa ;) So much to look at and it got a little over whelming. We registered for the important things and then finished on line. It was really fun, but wore me out. Babies R Us offers some classes, so we will take advantage for sure.
We will register at Target in a week or so, that way people have more options.

My friend Dee Dee left Friday to the Czech Republic. They arrived safe and sound yesterday and are starting their journey! She has a 10 yr old daughter and has had problems getting pregnant. I lift her up to God! I know this is her time as things have fallen in the right place. She is on stronger fertility meds and ran out. I knew I saved mine for a reason! I was able to bless her just like we were blessed! She has enough to get through her treatment and will not have to buy anymore. God is so Good!! Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The meaning of Lillyan

Lilly - Meaning of the Name and Flower:
Lilies have divine flower meaning of purity and motherhood. It gives Hope of everlasting life!
Lily is the flower of Hope!

How awesome is that? Lillyan Hope. What a meaning

Lilly started kicking a lot last weekend. I actually can feel her! It's an amazing feeling to know there is actually a growing baby in my belly ;) I never thought I would get a chance to feel something like that. God really is amazing and we are so blessed to be walking down an exciting journey together! We are ready to become parents to this precious little girl of ours.
I could never understand why parents would want to rush their kids to grow up and move out of the house, you can't take that for granted. It should be something you treasure for ever and you would think you want your kids at home as long as you can. We are treasuring ever moment we have and are praising God during this journey.
I day dream all the time wondering what she will look like. Will she have dark hair or blonde hair, bald or peach fuzz, will she be long or short, chunky or skinny, long fingers or short fingers. I know she will be beautiful and I can not wait to see her!

I go back to the OBGYN on 11/20 to hear her heart tone! I love to listen to her heart beat, it sounds so sweet!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Our 10 Yr Anniversary Trip / Baby Moon

We celebrated our 10 yr 11/6. We decided to make a little trip out of it and go to our favorite place, Orlando :) We relaxed the couple days we were there. The resort had a lot of things to do there to keep us occupied. No parks this time around, had to keep it safe. Russ surprised me with a prenatal massage (Was an amazing experience). We went out to dinner that night and then went back to our room and he had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (non alcoholic of course). He is such a romantic :)

We did a little shopping for our baby girl. Bought her first minnie ornament. Says "Baby's First Christmas" and had them put 2010 on it. Bought her a little Pooh outfit. We could really do a lot of damage at that place, but we did really good. Lilly was doing a lot of kicking while we were there. I found out she likes cold milk. Every time I drink Milk she would kick. It felt amazing to feel her kicking. I love those moments!

Here are Lilly's photo's from the 17 wk appointment.
(Lilly's profile) (It's a GIRL)

(Her Foot) (Clapping hands)
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