Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Good

I'm feeling good today. Had a bad headache yesterday, finally went away when I woke up this morning. Thank goodness, I do not do well with headaches. I get migraines a lot and it's been awhile since my last episode.
I'm going to Women of Faith this weekend. Can not wait, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mandisa will be there. This will be an AWESOME weekend.

We finally received the call from the perinatologist. My appointment will be 9/2/09 at 1:15. Thank goodness it’s in Fayetteville, a short drive from work. I was told to expect an ultra sound, which will be done every time I go. About once a month to start and then twice a month, etc…
They will also check my urine each time to make sure I do not have sugar in my urine. It’s amazing what I’ll be able to see on the ultra sound. They do Level 2 ultra sounds; we get to see the chambers of the heart, the brain, the bones, etc… They will also discuss when to stop taking the medications. Yay! Can not wait to hear those words! It’s tiring to have to remember if I took a certain pill. I think after this appointment we might start feeling a little bit more at ease.

One of my co-workers went through IVF in February, discovered they were having triplets (2 boys and 1 girl) She was due in November. The babies were born 2 wks ago. So small, they weighed about 2 pounds each. All 3 are doing great. They are eating and growing. They probably won’t be able to come home for another 5 weeks or so. I can not imagine how hard it is to leave your babies.

More to come…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Mile Stone

We are 7 wks today! Can you believe that? WOW... what a mile stone!

The sickness is progressing more and more each day. It was only in the evenings and at night, now it’s through out the day. I don’t have an appetite so I keep losing weight. I guess that’s ok, 18 pounds now. Peanut butter and jelly has become my new friend, it really helps with the nauseousness

I still can’t believe we are pregnant, pinch me please. Our first ultrasound was amazing, being able to see that little flickering heart beat. Never made it this far and we are in awe. My 6 yr old niece keeps calling the baby “peanut” she got a kick out of looking at the pictures of the embryos. She said “what is that… a peanut?” So that name stuck. Haaa… made me laugh. Russ has football practice 3 times a week, so I don’t feel bad taking a nap while he is gone. I can’t keep my eyes open, once I hit the pillow I am out. It’s the best sleep ever.

We are waiting on the perinatologist to call for our first doctor’s appointment. I was told that it might take 3 wks to get in. I don’t get it, what is the point? Patience… patience! It will be so well worth seeing the more extensive ultrasound pictures. They said no cameras please, but we can bring in a USB Key and they will copy the images for us. Great idea!
USB Key shopping this weekend and I also want to get a book so I can jot down what I’m feeling and what is going on each day. I will one day be able to share that with our precious little one : )

More to come…

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Heart Beat!

What an amazing trip to the doctor. My blood pressure was the best ever (127/78) Holy cow! It's never been that low. I guess losing 17 pounds and having peace works wonders.

So on to the dr appointment. Everyone knew who we were, Schilling's been awesome during our years of trying. Of course me baking them cookies & brownies helped. The Ultrasound was great, we saw (1) one flickering heart beat. What a beautiful sight, I was in heaven. Tuned the Dr out, which was bad. Glad Russ was there to fill me in on what else he said. Haa :) He said as of right now, I see (1) one.. but you know they hide. I'm measuring to be 6 wks along and the due date will be Aprl 9. Because of my blood disorder we have to do the AMFM Dr as well (Atlanta Maternal Fetal Medicine- aka: perinatologist) Double up on all the appointments. It's okay, I will get to watch our baby grow. It's a more extensive level 2 ultra sound. I should hear in the next couple of days when my appointment will be.

Giving God all the PRAISE!!
Thank you for your prayers

More to come...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God is working

Okay... so I have some awesome news to share. It just tells you that God has a hand in this pregnancy… Other than the fact that I will be 6 wks on Thursday and that I will get to see our baby or babies : ) I was contacted by Mag at to let me know that there have been several people who mentioned my name to her. How they found my blog on line and how I gave them Hope. I was in awe to hear that. She asked me to share my testimony/story and she will put it on the website for others to see. She said people keep asking for more stories about using their own eggs and not using donor eggs. I told her I would be honored to do it. So, I will be working on my testimony and she will put it on the website.
Wow… I’m still in awe right now. I actually see God working and it’s an amazing feeling to see God work in our family. Our family; it’s been just the 2 of us and our 2 baby girl pugs for 10 yrs. We are about to be a family of 3, 4 or more ; ) (plus our pugs)

I’m starting to get excited about the ultrasound, I’m nervous and anxious and ready to see those beating hearts on the screen. I know this is still the “crucial” time, but we still have peace. We actually played around in the Baby Store over the weekend. It was so fun… will be fun until we have to make a decision on what we need and want. But we enjoyed ourselves, we felt like little kids in a candy store. ; )

More to come….

Friday, August 7, 2009

5 weeks :)

We made it to 5 weeks... Thank you Lord, You are Amazing!

I feel good today, my back hurts a little, but that’s ok. Thank goodness I’ve been getting nauseous at night. I hope it stays that way, it would be hard to get up early in the morning and get ready if it was all day.

We are getting anxious about our first ultrasound Thursday. I have no idea what to expect. It will be 6 weeks on the dot that day. I’m hoping and praying to see 2 babies and their heartbeat (or more if it is God’s plan)
What an amazing moment that will be. We have never made it this far.
I haven’t been spotting; Lord knows I keep checking just to make sure. I need to just let go, but that is something that scares me to death.

Russ is starting to get active in Little League Football. When our kids get ready to play, Russ will have his time in : ) He has practice 3 times a week and a game on Saturday. He loves it. Thanks to his boss, Dan Salvador, for getting Russ involved. I am so proud of him ; )

We have a “Free” night at the movies, that expires tomorrow. So I guess we will do date night. Better do as much as we can now, because when those babies come it will be hard. ; )

More to come…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God's Blessings

It’s 11:30 am… and can you believe it?? My doctor called. Wow… sure beats getting the call on my way home from work. Ha-Ha ; )

AWESOME news… after my last blood work (4 days ago) my HCG levels went from 565 to 2200. 2200… how amazing is that? I am so over the moon right now. I cried when I got off the phone and poor Russ called while I was in the middle of my boo-hooing and said... “What is wrong” he heard 22 and was freaking. I said no… 2200. I didn’t mean to scare him; he just called at the wrong time. Haa. It was great news after Russ told me that some guy backed in to the truck in the parking lot this morning. Russ is okay, not hurt, Thank you Lord :) What a way to end the day. : )

My first ultra sound appointment is scheduled for Thursday, August 13 at 4:00.

I can not stop saying “God is Amazing” Russ and I have hoped for a family and we prayed for a family and it’s actually happening.
After having 4 failed pregnancies, we almost gave up and went straight to a surrogate. I was crushed because I wanted to feel what other mother's feel, their baby grow inside of them and to nourish them. I had a hard time and was set on surrogacy. But God had other plans for us that’s for sure.

Overwhelmed by God’s Blessings
More to come…

Monday, August 3, 2009


My dr called this morning and said that he wanted me to do one more blood work. Wanted to see how much it’s increased in 4 days. After that, an early ultra sound will be scheduled.
I will go today and will not know anything until tomorrow.. here we go.. more waiting.. haa :) I think it will be interesting to see how much its increased. It’s pretty amazing! God is amazing!

I was told today that I’ve been a testimony for several people. Me.. ? A testimony?? I never thought I would be able to touch as many people as I have. God sure is truly amazing. It gives me chills to see how God uses other people through their testimony. If God told me 6 yrs ago that I had a testimony and I can share my journey with others I would have laughed. Looking back, I see the big picture. He sure knows what He is doing. I'm in awe right now.

More to come…