Friday, December 10, 2010

8 months:1st tooth and now crawling

Lilly cut her 1st tooth at 8 months and now she is crawling!
She is every where. She loves to go and we are not prepared for that. The house isn't even child proof yet. Where in the world did the time go? She will be 9 months 12/24!! WOW!
She crawls for a bit then does the army crawl. It's so funny to see her get serious and go. Daddy will be child proofing the house this weekend for sure!

We visit Santa Sunday. I hope she isn't afraid of him and we can get one good picture with her on Santa's lap. We've looked forward to this for years and now is the time. Is this for us ?? Haa.. yes, right now it is. When she gets older, then it will be for her :)

Will post pics soon..
More to come...

6 month pics

I know I've been so behind updating my blog. We've been so busy with our active one. Here are a few 6 mth pics
Our lil Minnie Mouse
Go Dawgs
Look how sweet
Is this good Mom?
Hi Everyone