Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lilly is 3 months old!

I can't believe that Lilly is already 3 months old! Time sure does fly by. She is so independant and wants to stand up and she holds her head up on her own. She is getting so big!She is such an easy going baby, it made it easy when I started back work. She goes to her Nana's Monday and Friday and then to Ms Martha's Wednesday - Thursday. She gets spoiled during the day. She smiles so big and crinkles her little nose. I've tried several times to take a picture of her when she smiles but I never can get it quick enough! She is getting her 3 month pics soon and I know we can catch her smiling then :)

Russ had a great Father's Day! I went on snapfish and created a Father's Day card with Lilly's pictures and Annie and Lucy. Also made him a desk calendar with all their pics on there. He really liked his gift.

Lilly's been sucking on her fist, she loves doing that. Her little thumb is so small its hard to find so she sucks on her thumb and finger. Goes to town making all kinds of noises, its really funny.

We had our 2nd date night since Lilly's been here. I treasure these times that I use to take for granted. We decided to do date night at least once a month. It's very important and I don't want to lose sight of our marriage and how special Russ is to me. We don't mind taking Lilly with us, she is good and just goes along with whatever we want. Hopefully it will stay that way :)

More to come...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Day back at work!

Well I went back to work and it was the hardest thing I could have done. It felt that way :) I know it will get better in time. I just didn't want to leave her. We had our own schedule and did our own thing. She is in good hands though. Very blessed to have her Nana watch her 2 days and then a friend from our church to watch her the other 3 days. God is good!

She is getting so big and cooing all the time and smiling all over herself. It's so cute. I've tried to get pictures of her doing it, but she stops and looks at the camera or turn her head :) haa.. silly girl. She still sleeps through the night which is amazing! Put her to bed around 9:30 and I wake her to nurse before I go to work. She goes right back down until her daddy gets her ready for her sitter. She wakes up smiling, which makes it hard to leave.

She is almost 12 wks! I can't believe how time flies! She will be walking before we know it!
Will post pics soon

A dear of friend of ours just found out today that they are having a girl!! YAY. She also went to Czech to do treatments. They are blessed just like we were! We are so happy for them and can not wait to share their journey

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lilly's First Trip

4 Generations (Great Grandma, Mamaw (my mom), Me and Lilly)
Great Grandma and Lilly. (Lilly is talking to her)
Ready for bed (Daddy fixed her hair) Haa
Tummy Time (Wasn't too sure about that)
We went to Tennessee for Memorial Day to visit my Mamaw, Lilly's Great Grandma.
She was such a good traveler. We had to stop one time to let her stretch out and eat. She was a trooper. Everyone loved her and just couldn't get over how big she is. She is almost 10 lbs!!
Above are a few pics of her first trip :) I was so happy that my Mamaw could meet her. That's been my prayer for 7 yrs that my Mamaw could meet my baby. And well... she did. God is so Good!!!
More to come...