Saturday, February 20, 2010

5 Weeks Left

Had a great OB and Specialist appointment. I've been able to keep my blood pressure at a great level. My OB mentioned that we might induce at 38 weeks and the Specialist agreed. Lilly is weighing in at 3.13 pounds. The specialist told me that we more than likely will have a small baby due to my blood disorder.. her meaning of small: 6.5-7.0 pounds. haaa.. That's what I'm use to seeing. My family has small babies. So that will be okay. That's normal :)
My friend Elisha came over last night and helped me decorate Lilly's wall. We hung up letters spelling out her name - "Lillyan" over her bed and over the changing table we did wording that says "Such a Big Miracle for such a small Girl" Russ picked that out.. it's starting to all come together.
Walls are green
Lady Bugs/Green/Pink

Today I had my Church Friends shower. Received some great gifts and had fun with friends.
I still can't believe it's almost time to meet this little girl. What a miracle for sure :)

More to come...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

We have 5 inches of beautiful snow! I left work an hour early to come home to Annie Sue and a bad bladder infection. This is her 3rd since December. Poor girl, I know she was in pain. Russ and I took her to the vet, in the bad snow to get her meds and an injection. It wasn't a pleasant drive, we saw several cars in the ditch on the way there. I sure hope she gets to feeling better. The vet said that she may have stones in her bladder. So that means an ultrasound and surgery to get them removed. Not cheap! We went for the meds this go around and hope that it's just a fluke that she had 3 infections in a couple of months.

I had a great dr app Thursday! I've gained a total of 17 pounds and my blood pressure was 108/78! The best EVER! Thank you very much. Cutting back on CFA and salt really helped! So they said to keep up the good work. They want me to gain 30 pounds, but I would rather not. Lilly is so healthy and she passed again! I saw her yawning and she loves to suck on her fist. It was so sweet. Next week we get to do the measurements and see how much she weighs. I'm guessing she weighs 4 pounds now. We have 8 wks left, that is 56 days... that is if I go full term.

I have a prenatal massage tomorrow, I really do hope the roads are clear. I need this massage, they do a wonderful job. I feel so much better when they are done.

Lilly's room is almost done! Will post pics soon
More to come...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanking God for His Blessings

Lilly is weighing in at a healthy 3 pounds :) she is such a happy baby. My bld pressure at the specialist was 144/86! Dr did not seem too concerned as I have no swelling nor protein in my urine. She okayed me to work another week. I am 31 wks now! I still can't believe it.
Her room is painted, furniture put together, carpets cleaned and some clothes washed.
I have my 2nd shower on 2/20. Can't wait!

Today I saw my OB! Bld pressure was 128/74! How awesome is that!! God is Good!! I hope it's here to stay. We've changed our eating habbits. No more Chick-fil-A for awhile! That really hurts my feelings. I could eat CFA every day. CFA sandwich has over 1300 mg of sodium and the grill has over 1200 mg of sodium. Who would have thought that?? Not me! I don't have myself to just think about anymore! I'm now a momma and have my little girl to think about :)
Dr was pleased with the bld pressure and my weight. I've lost a couple pounds from my last appt. Gained only 18 pounds! Pretty good I might add :)

This pregnancy has really been a true blessing! Thank you God for such an amazing pregnancy and such an awesome husband who is there for anything I need. I really Love this Man :)

More to come...