Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up Date

It's been too long since my last post. Lilly is almost 18 mths! She feeds herself, walk and runs all over the place. She's moved to the forward facing car seat! No more bottles, weaned her off around 13 mths. She is such a good girl and is so smart :) We are truly blessed.

Let's see.. what happened these past couple of months:
Beach Trip in May. Lilly went to her first beach trip and loved it! She adjusted great and loved the water. She was our tan beach girl. Nana and Papa went with us too and she was spoiled :)
We spent most of our time on the beach or at the pool.

Disney Trip in September. We just got back and we didn't want to come home. This was too fun. We had an excuse to act like a kid :)
We did Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Sea World. Lilly loved Sea World, she wanted to touch all the fish and animals. She also was able to see Minnie Mouse, which is her favorite :) We will be going back every year for sure. It was fun and busy, but really loved it.
We looked forward to this time for many years and here it is!!

We got Lilly's Halloween costume. Tinker Bell and it is CUTE! She's not sure about it. She walked over to her Daddy and said "Daddy, Take off" I think it tickles, so we will have to put something under it.

We decided to try Potty Training. She said a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to Tee Tee in the potty. So we came home and pulled out her princess potty. It plays music when you tee tee. So we sat her down, nothing. Did that a couple of time. She smiled :)
So I sat her on the potty when I was running her bath and I heard this faint sound of music and looked down. Lilly Tee Tee'd in the potty! Wooo hooo!! Momma was so excited and I said "Lilly you tee teed in the potty" She stood up and said "Give me 5" :) I love her!!
So I did my dance.
It's going to be a challenge I'm sure, but we are all ready.

More to come....

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