Saturday, August 14, 2010

No longer a Newborn

Today I realized that my baby girl is getting so big. When you pick her up, she no longer bends her legs up to her chest :( So sad. I loved when she did that! Now she is all legs and wants to stand up, roll over and tries to sit up by herself. She weighs 14 pounds and is in stage 2 diapers! Time is really flying by fast! We are enjoying her so much and she makes us laugh. She is so silly and is just truly a happy baby! We are so blessed and Thank God for her every day!
She's been sleeping through the night since 4 wks! Mommy and Daddy love that, as we love to sleep too. haa! Last night was 12 hrs!! Yup.. 12!
The Dr gave us the go ahead to start giving her cereal, vegs and fruit! This should be fun and oh so messy! Haa.. will post pics when we decide to take that exciting plunge ;)

More to Come...

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  1. Rachel, It is so awesome to come to your site and see how God just keeps on blessing you guys! Love ya! Linda