Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost 6 Months old!

It's been awhile since my last blog! Lilly's been trying all kinds of food and so far so good...She loves it! Rice cereal first, she was such a ham and decided to blow bubbles while she was eating and it goes everywhere. I laugh, not good so she keeps doing it. Haa!! She got the hang of it and does great! Sweet Potatoes, Apple Sauce, Green Beans and Banana's. She's not too sure on the banana's, but we will keep trying later. She is growing so fast, wants to drink out of a cup.
Lilly also rolls over. She did the stomach to back at 17 wks and the back to stomach at 22 wks. Now she is our little 'Roly Poly' She rolls everywhere. You put her down in one spot, turn your back and she is all the way across the room. haa! She gets around and heads towards Annie and Lucy. Wants to pull their tail and gets so excited that she can get them. They are patient with her and Love her! Makes Mommy happy :)

She will be 6 mths Friday and well I'm not going to be a good Mommy that day. We have a Dr appt to get shots :( I wasn't thinking when I made the appt. We spread the shots out, so I know it won't be that bad, but still. I need to do better :)
Here are some pictures of Lilly trying out food for the first time.. enjoy
Here we go
I like it!
I'm so sleepy, such hard work.
More to come...

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  1. What a bundle of JOY she must be.... Gosh, Rachel, she is so pretty, and you are a great Mom! Blowing bubbles with her cereal..I am still laffing. Oh what fun! God is good indeed! Linda